Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Email Exchange w/L2

L2: Your crazy friend Corey is building this bed. From scratch. With WOOD. I'm so utterly amazed and impressed and underwhelmed with my own lack of talent.

J: My new project is to construct a bed out of cookie dough and knitted yarn! Cuz I have no skill with wood....
J: (On the other hand, I'll have to be very careful about drinking milk in my freshly-baked bed.)
J: (On the other hand, I'll now be able to make all kinds of jokes involving the phrase "rise and shine".)
J: (On the other hand, it's too bad I don't have kids. I could probably come up with something appalling involving "the son will rise in the yeast".)
J: (How many hands do I have anyways? Three? Four? Now I really CAN claim to be handy!)
J: Oh wait. Cookie dough doesn't contain yeast. Nor does it rise. Um...bread dough. Yeah. That's what I meant. D'oh!

L2: Ok, so my gut juvenile response is a very innocent "You weren't previously able to make "rise and shine" jokes about being in bed?"


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