Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Warning: Movie Spoiler Ahead

J: How was your weekend?
HC: Pretty good. My mom took the kids see "Bridge to Terabithia". It was weird though - hey, you're not going to see it, are you? I can tell you the ending?
J: Go ahead. I doubt I'll be watching it.
HC: Okay, so JC comes home from the movies and....

HC: How was the movie?
JC: The little girl dies at the end. Mom, am I supposed to be sad?
HC: Well, honey, do you think it was sad that she died?
JC: Yeah. I guess it was kinda sad.
HC: Then I think it's fine for you can be sad about it.
JC: Oh, okay. I'm gonna go play now. Bye!

HC: That was not the reaction I was expecting. I mean, really..."Okay, I'm gonna go play now"?!
J: Dude, kids are strange.


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