Friday, November 17, 2006

Retelling the story as it was told to me....

W: I was talking to the new admin lady while waiting for a print. After she left, Y popped her head out of her cube and gestured excitedly.

Y: Get your little butt over here right now!
W: What did I do?
Y: She is NOT on the list!
W: Um, ok. . . .what list?
Y: The list of people you're allowed to flirt with!
W: . . .HUH?! What are you talking about?
Y: Lisa, you were FLIRTING with her!
W: That wasn't flirting. . . .I was telling her the story of stealing your prints.
Y: You were flirting! You are a sex hooligan. From now on you have to hide your face and walk away from any girl not on the list.
W: Oooookay, Can I see the list?
Y: NO! Now go back to work.

J: Dude, you are such a skanky ho. Now go march your little butt into her office and assure her that there's no woman in your life that can hold a candle to her.

W: Ok, so I did as instructed. I apologized to Y and told her she was the one and only and I wouldn't be a skanky ho anymore. She said, "You are so sweet, but I know you are lying. Who put you up to this and what is 'skanky ho'?" It's incredibly difficult to explain "skanky" and "ho" in an office setting.