Monday, December 11, 2006


*ring ring*

J: Hello?
Young Male Voice: This is _____ from the Red Cross.
J: Oh. Hi.
YMV: The Red Cross is currently experiencing a shortage in our blood supply and we were wondering if you would be available to make a donation.
J: Sure, I suppose I could. Is there a blood drive going on in the
area that I should know about?
YMV: Where do you live?
J: I work in downtown San Diego, so that would be most convenient.
YMV: Oh, San Diego. Um. What area of San Diego?
J: Downtown.
YMV: Hang on...I can find...oh...

(long pause)

J: Well then, what areas do you have listed?
YMV: Escondido? Oceanside? San Marcos?
J: Those are all about an hour away. How about something closer?
YMV: What would be closer?
J: Downtown San Diego might be.
YMV: Uh...erhm...I dunno. I've only been to San Diego once for a
couple of days....
J: *sigh* Okay, so how 'bout this? Is there a website I can check out to find blood donation locations in my area?
YMV: Website?
J: Yeah. A website.
YMV: one's ever asked me that before. I don't know.
J: or something like that?
YMV: Hang on's!
J: Okay, I'll check it out then.
YMV: Great! Thanks so much!